Village “Antique” is located in Banevo 15 km from the center of Bourgas, 2 km from Trakia Motorway and 23 km from Bourgas International Airport.

The city of Burgas is the most important economic, transport, administrative and cultural center in Southeastern Bulgaria. By 2018. Burgas has won 4 times the title “The best city to live in Bulgaria”.

Village “Antique” is situated in a favorable climatic and communicative place. Because of the low altitude and the proximity of Stara Planina there is a softer and warmer winter and moderate temperatures during the summer season. And the “Rose of the Winds” in the area implies the absence of industrial pollutants in the atmospheric air.

The exact location of the Village “Antique” in Banevo is in a very easy accessible and interesting place:

1. There are many well-built infrastructure and regular bus lines linking it to the city center.
2. There is a Lesopark nearby, suitable for walking and relaxation.
3. There is a primary school in the center.
4. Banevo is the largest and most modern kindergarten in Burgas Municipality.
5. One kilometer from Banevo are the “Bourgas Mineral Baths”, famous for their curative water, which springs hot (41 degrees).
6. In 2008. there is also one of the most modern and large private hospitals in the region.
7. “Akve Kallide” translated from Latin “Hot Water” is a historical settlement in the lands of the Banevo and Vetren districts. Archaeological finds show that the healing properties of the hot spring were known in the Neolithic. The earliest evidence of today’s Bourgas Mineral Baths dates back to the 4th century BC, when Philip II of Macedon was treated there.

Start of the construction of Village “Antique” – 2018.

The houses are offered without an annual maintenance and service charge and with the following floor distribution:

Floor 1 – summer veranda with barbecue, living room with fireplace, kitchen with dining area, entrance hall, separate laundry room, wc, storage.
Floor 2 – master bedroom with bathroom and toilet, children’s room, study, second bathroom with toilet, closet and two balconies.

For the construction of the houses our company works only with proven and quality materials:

• Tiles – 
• Bricks –
• Five chamber PVC windows with triple glazing
• Facade system –
• We use the best quality BDS-certified concrete and fittings.

The degree of completion is “on a plug”, as in the finishing works, the customer can trust our team or independently select materials, colors and more.
The holiday village will be supplied with electricity from the electricity transmission network of EVN Bulgaria and will be connected with the newly constructed sewerage system in Banevo by European project. Each house will have a separate water-jet unit and an open batch to the Water-Bourgas-Burgas.


Площ УПИ
Price euro
К 1
551 кв.м
127 517 €
South East
К 2
583 кв.м
South East
К 3
508 кв.м
South East
К 4
494 кв.м
South East
К 5
563 кв.м
130 338 €
South East
К 6
538 кв.м
South East

* Price per square meter – from EUR 650 with VAT
* Each house has a parking space

Sample payment scheme: EUR 1500 deposit, 30% in one month after the signing of the preliminary contract, 50% of the finished rough construction (or Act 14), 20% before signing a notary deed. The payment period is approximately 12 months for the advertised price.


Completion of a house sold 12 months after signing a contract.

We offer a flexible installment payment and a mortgage loan assistance to DSK Bank.

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